Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why You Should Book Beach Rentals Instead of Hotels

Your vacation time is when you get to relax and unwind, leave the busy nature of your daily life behind and just have a good time. So why not take your family to the beach to enjoy some white sands and ocean breezes. Beachfront hotels can be quite expensive and there is a much more convenient place to stay for your vacation, beach rentals.

Beach vacation rentals are the best accommodation for your trip when travelling with friends or family for the following reasons:

Beach rentals are spacious
Most hotel rooms come in standard sizes, which are often quite small. The bigger the hotel room, the more expensive it is and there is still a limit to the size you can get. Hotels also have restrictive policies that only allow a certain number of people to share one room at a time. A 4-person hotel room can be disadvantageous to a family of five. Beach rentals have plenty of room for everyone. You can get up to 2000 square feet of space in a beach rental where your family and friends can stretch out comfortably after a long day of exploring. Having all this space also makes sure that everybody gets to stay in the same place instead of booking different locations or hotel rooms.

Something new and different
Hotel rooms often have such a generic feel to them. There only a few interesting rooms that you can find, however, most accommodations are built for functionality. Beach vacation rentals have much more character and give you a chance to experience something new from the normal hotel room routine. Every beach hotel rental you stay in has something unique to offer for a more authentic holiday experience. You can find anything from a rustic cabin, vineyard-straddling villa, cottage houses to alpine lodges. The beach rental will definitely be one of the most memorable moments from your vacation.

Simple, elegant and convenient
One of the major reasons why people will chose hotel rooms over rentals is because of the notion that hotels have good restaurants, spas, pools and other amenities. However, you can find beach rentals in a resort style that offers access to all of these amenities and much more. This is much more convenient since you enjoy the comfort and privacy of a beach rental with access to all the amenities that you can find in a hotel.

Privacy and local experience
When staying in beach rentals, you have all the privacy you need. You will be away from all the noise and bustling that is quite common in many hotel rooms so you enjoy a serene vacation. You also get the chance to live like a local, enjoy the local culture and even learn something new that you would not have if you were staying in a hotel.

There are many other conveniences to staying at beach rentals depending on the location and facilities available. Shop around and see the variety of options out there.

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