Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Why Rentals are Ideal for Your Holiday

Looking for a place to spend some much needed time away? Work can be a real drag especially when it takes hours and hours on end. It however, is good news that you have just gotten some good time off. The question is, where do you go to? The perfect getaway is a combination of a number of things including the right budget, season and destination. Finding the right destination is a nightmare thanks to the myriads of advertisements online. These do not make picking the right place any easier. What makes the ideal destination? Here’s a few tips:

The most important part of a destination is the accommodation. People will often rush for hotels simply because they do not know better. One of the best ways to enjoy your holidays is through rentals. Rentals offer a wider range of possibilities when it comes to putting together the perfect holiday. They are ideal whether you are with your significant other or the entire family. Rentals also allow you to spend as much time as you need in your designated suite be it a day, week or month.

Imagine beautiful outdoors, sand between your toes, a swim in the ocean, fishing, diving, sailing and hiking all wrapped up in one. It is possible to get all these through rentals. Rentals provide the privacy you and your family need over a long time. Unlike hotels, rentals provide you with space without having to bump into strangers along corridors. This makes it one of the safest ways to spend your holidays. This is important especially if you are going with kids. The chances of losing your valuables are minimal.

Rentals offer freedom and versatility. The fully serviced houses come with all the amenities one would find at home, only better and more relaxing. You are free as a vacationer to prepare meals, stock drinks in your refrigerator, crank up the AC, kick back and relax. Your kids will also enjoy great internet services and cable TV.

All these services are combined with great outdoor activities that enhance the experience. The best rentals are set by beaches and reserve areas. This beats having to share a beach with a thousand other people causing congestion and interference. Rentals provide a unique outdoor set up that is less crowded with open white sandy beaches and access to the environment that is nothing but relaxing. You will enjoy a list of activities ranging from sunset moments by the beach, sailing and scuba diving all courtesy of the rentals. 

Rentals away from beaches will provide hiking, cycling, bungee jumping and hunting as part of the itinerary. Your choice will be largely dependent on the kind of activities you love.

Booking rentals well in advance will save you time and money. It is easy to find offers online on great rentals no matter the length of time you are looking to enjoy away from the hustle of life. The size and the type of rental you pick will be determined by the size of the family as well as the outdoor activities you look forward to enjoying. These are the way to go if you are looking for a serene yet enjoyable way to hit the holidays.

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Why You Should Book Beach Rentals Instead of Hotels

Your vacation time is when you get to relax and unwind, leave the busy nature of your daily life behind and just have a good time. So why not take your family to the beach to enjoy some white sands and ocean breezes. Beachfront hotels can be quite expensive and there is a much more convenient place to stay for your vacation, beach rentals.

Beach vacation rentals are the best accommodation for your trip when travelling with friends or family for the following reasons:

Beach rentals are spacious
Most hotel rooms come in standard sizes, which are often quite small. The bigger the hotel room, the more expensive it is and there is still a limit to the size you can get. Hotels also have restrictive policies that only allow a certain number of people to share one room at a time. A 4-person hotel room can be disadvantageous to a family of five. Beach rentals have plenty of room for everyone. You can get up to 2000 square feet of space in a beach rental where your family and friends can stretch out comfortably after a long day of exploring. Having all this space also makes sure that everybody gets to stay in the same place instead of booking different locations or hotel rooms.

Something new and different
Hotel rooms often have such a generic feel to them. There only a few interesting rooms that you can find, however, most accommodations are built for functionality. Beach vacation rentals have much more character and give you a chance to experience something new from the normal hotel room routine. Every beach hotel rental you stay in has something unique to offer for a more authentic holiday experience. You can find anything from a rustic cabin, vineyard-straddling villa, cottage houses to alpine lodges. The beach rental will definitely be one of the most memorable moments from your vacation.

Simple, elegant and convenient
One of the major reasons why people will chose hotel rooms over rentals is because of the notion that hotels have good restaurants, spas, pools and other amenities. However, you can find beach rentals in a resort style that offers access to all of these amenities and much more. This is much more convenient since you enjoy the comfort and privacy of a beach rental with access to all the amenities that you can find in a hotel.

Privacy and local experience
When staying in beach rentals, you have all the privacy you need. You will be away from all the noise and bustling that is quite common in many hotel rooms so you enjoy a serene vacation. You also get the chance to live like a local, enjoy the local culture and even learn something new that you would not have if you were staying in a hotel.

There are many other conveniences to staying at beach rentals depending on the location and facilities available. Shop around and see the variety of options out there.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Choose the Best Vacation Rental

Staying at a vacation rental is a fun, affordable and hassle free way to enjoy a vacation with your family. Staying in a rental does not only save you money but also offers more convenience than staying in a hotel room, especially when you have a big family. Most hotel rooms often have a restriction on the number of people that can stay in one room. Once you have decided to go rental, there are a couple of things you need to consider before settling on the rental location. The following are some tips to choosing a beach vacation rental.

Online searches
The internet is a well of information; it is quite easy to be lured into the attractive headlines and irresistible discount tags. You need to use this resource wisely when looking for vacation rentals. Sometimes the houses listed on a website may not be the actual rental house, and you will only realize that once you have paid and arrived at your vacation home. You may find that the house does not exist or is already occupied.

Only use reputable websites when searching for vacation homes online. Find booking websites where you can read real reviews about the property from people who have stayed there before. You can also verify the existence of the property through the county record offices. Be on the lookout for details and pictures about the rentals.

Use vacation dates
Search for property rentals using your specific vacation dates. Searching without giving specific dates with leave you with hundreds or thousands of listings, some of them may even be scams. Instead of having to sift through volumes of listings, it is better to use specific dates so you end up with exactly what you are interested in. You may have to adjust your vacation by a day or two so you can find your dream location.

Read reviews
Reviews are quite different from property description. The description is what the rental owner wants you to know about the property. The review on the other hand gives a clear picture of other customer experiences while staying there, whether good or bad. You do not always have to look for the negative reviews but also read between the lines in positive reviews as they can also give you some useful hints. For instance, if the review refers to the property as ‘a bit too cozy’ that probably means it’s smaller than you think.

Location and transportation
Location and transportation are also extremely important factors to consider when choosing a vacation rental. If you are planning to use public transport during your stay, you should find a rental that is near a transport station. When it comes to beach rentals, most of these properties are often quite a distance from the nearest public transport route, so you may consider getting a tour package or a personal rental. Remember to chose sites that are near to the places your want to visit during your vacation.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Can I Afford a Beach Rental?

Beach rental houses often strike with their beauty and magnificence. Most beach rental homes have at least five bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms. Renting one of those houses can be a great way of spending your summer vacation, hosting a beach wedding or a family reunion, and simply enjoying the beach living.
However, not everyone can afford to pay the asking rental price of a vacation rental. Calculating the cost of a beach rental cottage, many people decide not to go on a vacation at all. Not everybody knows the ways of having just as much fun while spending less on a beach vacation.
Beach rentals are more affordable than you may think. Here are a few simple tips that can help you save money on your dream beach vacation.
Rent off-season - The prices on beach houses depend on the season. At the beginning and at the end of summer they are lower, and the weather is still beautiful. Renting before the official season starts give you the ability to enjoy the warm weather and all the beach activities for less. The beaches are also less crowded. Renting after the season is perfect for those who don't have to go to school. You can enjoy a beautiful weather and local attractions while paying less for your beach rental.
Rent with family and friends - Renting a beach house is so much different from renting a hotel suite. You get more space, and the rent can be split. You don't necessarily have to go out to eat all the time. Every rental home has a kitchen where you can always cook a simple meal.
Look for last minute deals - Most vacation websites have many last minute deals where you can save up to fifty percent on the beach rentals. Check the local deals and promotions to save more on your beach rental.
Use discount websites - Don't forget to check Groupon, Living Social, and other websites that promote discounts. They often feature local beach rentals. Keep an eye on the upcoming ones!

Follow these simple tips to save money of your beach vacation. Do not ask yourself if you can afford a beach vacation rental; ask yourself what you can do to minimize the cost. Half an hour of Internet searching can help you save up to fifty percent on your dream beach vacation. Have more fun while spending less!
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Reasons to Book a Beach Vacation Rental

Lifestyles are becoming increasingly busier by the day. Every day, people find themselves exhausted and out of touch not just with themselves but with the people they love as well. Setting aside time and money for a vacation seems like a distant dream for many, the reason being that neither time nor money is easy to come by. Fortunately, there are certain alternatives that you can make use of to ensure you get that vacation that you deserve without breaking the bank. Here are some valid reasons why you need to book that beach vacation rental right away.

1.     You deserve a break/vacation

You’ve been working so hard that you forgot what it means to have fun and put your feet up. Guess what? You need a break. You’ve earned it. Your body can only take so much exertion. If you don’t stop to re-energize, you are going to be in some big trouble later on. Go ahead and call that beach vacation rental and ask whether they have space for the weekend.

2.     It’s a pocket-friendly vacation

You do not have to go on a cruise to have a vacation. Sometimes, just getting away from the familiar and monotonous surroundings of your home is enough to refresh your senses. Treat yourself to a weekend getaway at a beach vacation rental. Come Monday, you will still have enough money left to pay all your bills and maybe treat yourself to another getaway the coming weekend.

3.     Your dream of living at the beach will come true

If you have always wondered how it would be to live near the beach, find out by renting a beach vacation rental for a few days. Well, the experience is magical and breathtaking, but you need to find that out for yourself.

4.     Reconnect with those you love

Sometimes, you’ll need to have conversations away from the kitchen and bedroom that you’ve grown used to, in order to really say what you mean. Nothing beats a weekend away with a loved one, be it a family member or a romantic interest. Rekindle that lost flame by shutting the world away for an entire week, and cuddle up in your beach vacation rental. Just the two of you.

5.     It can be your getaway place

Every once in a while, it becomes important to leave the mundane struggles of everyday life, so that you can appreciate the mundane pleasures of life. If you find a beach vacation rental that’s located within easy access, make it your go-to place whenever you feel burned out. You can make it routine to go there, either alone or with someone. Just do not make it too routine, or it will start to feel like less of a vacation.

Beach vacation rentals are great alternatives to expensive vacations and ownership of beach homes, which are usually out of reach for majority of the population. If you have been wondering how to treat yourself, book a beach vacation rental for a few days. Dip your toes in the hot sand and watch the sun rise and set. Swim in the warm ocean water and forget your troubles for a while.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Why You Should Choose a Beach Vacation Rental

Vacation rental homes are becoming increasingly popular for family vacations, independent travelers and people who just want to get away from home for a while. There are several reasons why choosing a beach vacation rental beats getting a hotel room, and why you should definitely consider vacation rentals if you have the opportunity. Here are the reasons:

More value for your money

You stand to get more value for your money if you go for a beach vacation rental compared to a hotel room and here’s why:


With a vacation rental, you will have plenty of space for yourself, and this will come at a considerably fairer price compared to what you’ve have spent on a hotel booking.


Privacy is important, and especially when you are on your vacation. You do not want a situation where your privacy is interfered with to the extent that you cannot enjoy your vacation (either alone, or with your significant other). Unlike in hotel rooms where you get to share a floor with other people, a vacation rental guarantees that you have the entire place to yourself, which means more privacy.

Make your dreams a reality

If you have always wondered what it’s like to own a property by the beach, a beach vacation rental gives you the opportunity to experience this. You do not have to wait for years to find out what living at the beach is like. With a few hundred dollars, you will get to find out early enough.

Great activities

Living at the beach, even though it is for a short while, gives you access to great activities such as fishing, sailing, hunting, bicycling, hiking and so much more. And don’t forget that you will also get to sample the great seafood restaurants that are usually the hallmark of great beaches.

All onboard

Usually, travelling and holidaying as a group (say, if you have children) can be quite hectic, especially in terms of getting the accommodation you need. Instead of booking a hotel room that will probably not meet your needs for an extended stay, a beach rental is the best choice. This way, you can even make the meals you want and continue living as you would at home, except this time you will do it at the beach. Basically, you will be at home away from home.

If you are looking to rent a beach vacation home, there are several things that you should consider. Top on the list should be what you’re looking to get in terms of space, and this should be determined by the kind of vacation you are planning i.e. are you vacationing alone, with a spouse, with your family or with a group of friends?

It is also necessary to consider what other holiday goers have to say about that particular beach vacation home, so pay attention to customer reviews.

Find out specifics about the beach rental by talking to the management, so you know what will be provided and what you will be required to carry.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Suitable Vacation Rental

If you feel like you’ve been too busy lately, perhaps it is time you took a break and got away with your significant other for that refreshing weekend away from everyone. It is so easy to get caught up in the rat race that you forget to live a little, and this can have a profound effect on your relationship. When everybody is so busy, focusing on what matters can be hard, and this can take a toll on even the most loving relationship. A good vacation rental home is what you need to remind yourself what it was like when you first fell in love.

There is a wide variety of vacation rentals to choose from, and you get to decide what really suits your needs. There are also gulf-front beach home rentals, bay-front vacation rentals and riverfront vacation rentals for those who want something slightly different. Depending on the amount of time you have set aside for your vacation, you can have these vacation homes for a period of one weekend, one week or even an entire month. And while you get to experience the relaxed vacation living, you can take part in activities such as fishing, bicycling, hiking, sailing, hunting and even just basking in the sunny beaches.

Such activities will really help you get closer to your partner, and if the spark has been getting dimmer by the day, one day of sailing or hiking is sure to ignite it back. And if you have kids, you can bring them along. Most vacation rentals come with enough bedrooms to accommodate everyone in your household, so you do not have to leave anybody behind, unless that is what you want to. Be sure to confirm such details before you leave for your vacation.

If you’re not the type that loves cooking you can choose a vacation destination where there are plenty of seafood restaurants in the vicinity that offer fresh seafood at very reasonable prices. Vacationing is meant to help you relax therefore make preparations for everything necessary. The best vacation rentals are located in a coastal environment that is largely unspoiled by over-development. Your vacation should be your way of communing with nature at its most pristine.
The prices of the vacation rentals differ depending on the property in question. All you need to do is visit the respective properties online and check the prices. And do not forget to call to confirm the availability of the vacation rental before making your reservation.

If you work from 9 to 5 everyday, as your partner does, it becomes important to schedule time when you can just sit back and enjoy time together. Making a living is important, but so is cultivating the priceless partnership that took you so long to establish. The occasional vacation should be a permanent fixture in your diaries, and a good vacation rental is just the right place to head to for that relaxing weekend or week with your loved one.