Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to Choose the Best Vacation Rental

Staying at a vacation rental is a fun, affordable and hassle free way to enjoy a vacation with your family. Staying in a rental does not only save you money but also offers more convenience than staying in a hotel room, especially when you have a big family. Most hotel rooms often have a restriction on the number of people that can stay in one room. Once you have decided to go rental, there are a couple of things you need to consider before settling on the rental location. The following are some tips to choosing a beach vacation rental.

Online searches
The internet is a well of information; it is quite easy to be lured into the attractive headlines and irresistible discount tags. You need to use this resource wisely when looking for vacation rentals. Sometimes the houses listed on a website may not be the actual rental house, and you will only realize that once you have paid and arrived at your vacation home. You may find that the house does not exist or is already occupied.

Only use reputable websites when searching for vacation homes online. Find booking websites where you can read real reviews about the property from people who have stayed there before. You can also verify the existence of the property through the county record offices. Be on the lookout for details and pictures about the rentals.

Use vacation dates
Search for property rentals using your specific vacation dates. Searching without giving specific dates with leave you with hundreds or thousands of listings, some of them may even be scams. Instead of having to sift through volumes of listings, it is better to use specific dates so you end up with exactly what you are interested in. You may have to adjust your vacation by a day or two so you can find your dream location.

Read reviews
Reviews are quite different from property description. The description is what the rental owner wants you to know about the property. The review on the other hand gives a clear picture of other customer experiences while staying there, whether good or bad. You do not always have to look for the negative reviews but also read between the lines in positive reviews as they can also give you some useful hints. For instance, if the review refers to the property as ‘a bit too cozy’ that probably means it’s smaller than you think.

Location and transportation
Location and transportation are also extremely important factors to consider when choosing a vacation rental. If you are planning to use public transport during your stay, you should find a rental that is near a transport station. When it comes to beach rentals, most of these properties are often quite a distance from the nearest public transport route, so you may consider getting a tour package or a personal rental. Remember to chose sites that are near to the places your want to visit during your vacation.

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